Hand Roast Coffe Beans

Hand Roast Coffe Beans

The green coffee bean includes much water before roasting it.
Therefore weight decreases by around 15% when it is roasted a straight green coffee bean.

When it depends on the condition of green coffee bean, but hand pick does a green coffee bean.
The weight of the roast bean decreases by around 30%.

green coffee beanDSC_0480


Green coffee bean as for this photograph the left side:54g,
the right side is the bean after the roast at 45 g.

It may be slightly incomprehensible with the photograph, but a bean expands when I roast a bean.
Therefore, it becomes quite small for density.

Coffee beans HandPicking

Coffee beans HandPicking

The good straight bean has a grain equal and it is good and becomes ripe , and there are few fault bean and alien substances with enhancement characteristics .

However , coffee beans with a fault may be mixed other than the alien substances such as a stone grain or the small piece of wood in the green beans .

In this case it becomes the bad coffee which became turbid when I roast it as it is and extract it.

a stomach heavy feeling , heartburn assume that I drink the coffee of such a fault bean every day and feel sick .

Therefore hand pick (the removal ) does a fault bean and an alien substance before and after a roast once .

Such a fault bean depends on a case , but nearly 10% may be included .

But the quantity is uneven because it is a human being to decide the fault bean when hand pick does the same bean .

Representative fault bean

Black beans…The bean which I fell over a tree before a crop , and fermented .
Fermentation bean…It is hard to be able to tell the difference before a black soybean for a stage that it is normal .
Death beans…The bean which I was to the worm-eaten spots , and did not grow up more .
Mold beans…A bean molds .

So as when these beans get mixed, not to be able to drink coffee in some cases; feel it to be bad.
But the hand pick is considerably troublesome work to need the perseverance.

Anchor House

Anchor House

Anchor House is small cafe shop and club house of Kariya Sailing Club.
Since 2013
It is unique shop.
The shop was built by the hand of the owner.
In fact, originally the shop improved a container for transport by rail and was made.
The shop is a clubhouse and a combined use of the sailing club.

Anchor House
The business hours of the shop
It is from half past 6 a.m. to the evening.
The drink menu is hot coffee, iced coffee, beer, cola.
The meal sandwiches it, and the light meals such as toasts are the center.
As a shop is small, is cozy; is an atmosphere like a tea dealer of the seaside opening while feeling it.

The class of visitors is a member of the sailing club mainly and becomes the place of recreation and relaxation where people gather for sea enthusiast.
By the way, it is attractive one that a drink and the food menu of this shop are discounted by all article 100 yen when I become the member of the Kariya sailing club.
By the way, 330 yen that there is a lot of coffee is 230 yen.
Even a price is low, but member prices become usually more advantageous.

3-12-7.Minato-machi,Kariya-city,Aichi-pref in Japan.

The nearest station is Kariya-shi statison meitetsu mikawa line
and Ogawa station JR-Taketoyo Line.

The neighbor of this shop has the shipyard of the yacht that Japan has only two cases.




coffee-kazoku is coffee beans roaster and shop in hekinan-city aichi.
especially Visit business for office use coffee.

kazoku in japanese means family.


There are 28 kinds of coffee beans.
Discerning cake and import product
They have a coffee family original product, a gift item a lot.

A shop is not a coffee shop, but can drink coffee for one cup of 250 yen in a shop.

about Coffee Kazoku event coffe service

Coffee kazoku carries out event coffee service depending on the use of the visitor
It is, for example, …
◎ You want to provide coffee to hold a meeting, but hands are insufficient
→ The coffee which has just finished serving it if there is it in Hekinan-city with a pot
deliver it to!
◎ You want to sell coffee by one cup at an event and the bazaar of the town and the city
→ Coffee beans (one bag of ten cups of business), paper cup, muddler, creamer
selling sugar according to the number of the cups.
If is orders more than 100 cups; for free (rentals charges 500 yen less than 100 cups)
rent a coffee maker, a thermal insulation pot.
(if there is it in Hekinan-shi, delivery is free.)

Komeda Coffee

Komeda Coffee

Komeda coffe is cafe shop .

Komeda coffee is Nagoya origin. And it is developed a chain.


Komeda Coffee History


Komeda Coffee house is an origin in having been a rice dealer in Japanese.
A rice dealer is “komeya” in japanese.
“Komeya” resembles “Komeda” in pronunciation .

Komeda History

1968:Founder Taro Kato (ex-President) opens “Komeda coffee shop” in Nagoya-sity
1975:Komeda coffee shop is established Co., Ltd. in August,.
1993:begin a full-scale FC development
1999:sweetness coffee shop “Okage An” in February
2003:Yokohama store as the Kanto’s first store in June
2006:Nara center store as the store where it is the first among Kansai area in November
2008:services are succeeded by the funds advantagepartners LLP provides service in April
2010:opened a Kanazawa Matsumura shop as the Hokuriku District’s first store in March
2013:services are succeeded by the funds that MBK partners Co., Ltd. provides service in February

Impression about Komeda Coffee

Komeda Coffee is very prompt and flexible.
For example, it is separation of facilities for smokers and nonsmokers.

In a certain shop, it was all a smoking possible seat at first.
When I did it for a while, in the shop, it was performed separation of facilities for smokers and nonsmokers of becoming it.

Furthermore, on one day when I did it for a while, the ratios of the non-smoking space increased.

It is business hours.

There are many stores of business hours around 10:00 p.m. from 7:00 a.m.
However,change opening of a store time for the person who wants to go to the shop early in the morning by the demand of the visitor at 6:00 a.m. and half past 6 in the summertime in particular.
adjust it in response to the needs of the visitor for the business hours.

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino Coffee is cafe shop.
There are many shop in Japan.


Stores increase in each place in Japan.
HOshino Coffe is during direct management development since the first shop Shinjuku east exit opening in April, 2011.
Now around Kanto, Nakagyo, Kansai in Japan.

Many visitors give support to “high-quality hand drip coffee” and “the soft and fluffy souffle pancake” and provide rare store environmental design service “to be able to relax heartily” again in the current cafe industry and enlarge the number of the stores in whole country each place.

Gathering “Doutor coffee” and the know-how of “the Japanese restaurant system”

Food and Drink Menu

Hoshino blended Coffee

  • Ice Coffee
  • souffle pancake Kiln baked
  • curry Kiln baked
  • Souffle fish and rice casserole

any other food and drink

Kato Coffe

I buy coffee beans in a Kato coffee in Nagoya.
Kato coffee is a store specializing in mail orders.

This shop has much traffic of coffee beans and lays in stock of a bean with an original root.
And the bean has good quality.

When I purchase it in this shop, I will purchase a bean roasted generally.
However, the point where a visitor cannot appoint a roast degree is a weak point.

In addition, I can purchase coffee beans very cheaply in this shop during a campaign period.
The bean for the ice coffee which I bought was approximately 2,000 yen at 2 kg the other day.
In other words I was able to purchase it at normal prices less than a one-third.
But it is worry, but it is delicious and can drink it whether you can use it because there is much quantity because it is roasted very well.

Ice Coffe

Ice Coffe Beans

I usually roast self.
But the europian roast case ,I buys coffee beans in a shop.
For example, in the case of a European roast such as the ice coffee beans.

When roast it, heat tuning is very difficult,
so burn coffee beans in some cases.

In addition, you should use the coffee mill with a coffee mil for light roasts.
Because oil is extracted from coffee beans.

Coffe mill becomes dirty with coffee beans oil.